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Randhir Singh Bhindar has a very good support and ideological understanding with her better half. Behind every successful man there is always a woman and Randhir Singh Bhindar gives the credit of his success to his better half, Bhindar Ranisa. Ranisa Deependra Kumari is the State General Secretary of BJP Mahila Morcha and State President of Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Mahasabha (ladies wing).

Ranisa Deependra Kumari is a pillar of strength for him. She creates a perfect balance at home and work. She has a positive influence on Maharaj saheb Randhir Singh and is an inspiration for many women in that area. She supports him in every way and has stood by him through thick and thin. They are a very strong team.

They share the same vision and have similar goals. She has been also working hard with the same spirit as him at every step of the way. Together, they have crossed many hurdles and have come out victorious in the end. They stand by each other and they are fulfilling their dream of serving the society and returning back the love people have bestowed upon them.