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Political Leader

Randhir Singh Bhindar is a mas leader in political field. He has a social background and he joined the political field to make the changes in society and he succeeded in the political circumstances as a political leader and in the ruling party when he has an important role. He has lot of achievements in political field for the changes of the lives of the people. make upliftment of the area and uplift the society.

In 1990, he played a major role in the candidature of Chittorgarh Loksabha seat. Maharana Mahendra Singhji Mewar was declared the B.J.P. contestant for this seat. Randhir Singh proved his political ability as a mentor and campaigner for this election and with his support Maharana Mahendra Singh Ji did won the election. It was his first political achievement and this phase brought him in the mainstream of B.J.P. politics.
After the Loksabha Elections of 1990, Maharaj Saheb Randhir Singh played yet another decisive role in the Assembly election of Vallabhnagar. He was the election convener and chief campaigner of Rao Kamlendra Singh, who had been declared the candidate by the joint alliance of BJP and Janata Party. Maharaj Bhindar’s efforts were well rewarded when Rao Kamlendra Singh won the election by defeating a decade old senior Congress leader.

In 1993, BJP declared Randhir Singh as its candidate in the Assembly election from Vallabhnagar. This was the first time he was contesting the election himself. Unfortunately, he lost the election but learnt a lot in the process. He established BJP as a main political party in Vallabhnagar where earlier no other party could have survived except for Congress. Before him, Congress and Janata Party were the only political parties that governed local politics, be it, the roles of Panch, Sarpanch, Pradhan, Ward Members or Palika Chairman.
In1995, BJP won its first Pradhan Election in Bhindar and its first Nagar Palika Election in Bhindar & Kanod under his patronage. It was the first time in the history of Bhindar that a BJP candidate was elected. This was also the time where a major gain in the BJP’s voting percentage was seen. And it was Maharaj Bhindar who had brought this major change in the area. He had to face tough challenges everyday to establish BJP as an effective party at grassroot level and remote hamlets. He won the hearts of people in that area as these people knew that he belonged to the Royal family of Bhindar, the family that had served and protected them through generations. Bhindar Nobles had always put people before self and this selfless service was also in his genes. With time he won their faith as a political leader, too.

Amongst his earlier supporters were the faithful people who had been associated with the Bhindar Riyasat for generations. The young generation flocked to him and responded to him a lot as he was their youth leader. His USP are his people centric approach, his simplicity and a different working style. He has won a huge amount of respect and trust of his people. His kindness and polite nature makes a long lasting impression in anyone’s mind. Once a person meets him, it’s impossible to forget him or his simple ways. He possesses an inherent quality of a leader and yet, he is so modest about it.
He also played a major role in the ‘Rathyatra’ of BJP national leader, Shri Lal Krishna Advani. He gathered around ten thousand people for the Rathyatra from Bhindar-Vallabhnagar area.

In 1998 Assembly election, he was yet again selected as the BJP candidate from the Vallabhnagar constituency. Sadly, this time too he lost the election because a party’s rebel was put against him in the election. Ex-MLA Rao Kamlendra Singh also worked against him though Maharaj Saheb Randhir Singh had only promoted him in the area. Life has its share of ups & downs and politics is not a fair game for fair people. He never adopted unfair means to win the game and thus, paid a very heavy price for it in the election. He was elected as BJP MLA of Vallabhnagar area in year 2003 as he achieved the real public support. He achieved good experience and made useful required changes in the community and the area. There are lot of things as the achievements during his trnure as MLA. He performed a role of actual and real leader and representative of the masses of the area. He developed Bhindar area as expected and achieved recordable targets those still can be remember.

He has always believed that winning an election is not the ultimate goal though having a position in the government helps him to serve the society and he is satisfied with that. He didn’t get affected by the election results or roles of political workers who worked against him. He continued his grass root level work. He had started as a farmer and he was well aware of the problems that the farmers had to face. So, he has been addressing them in a well organized way ever since he was young.