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The well known political leader of Rajasthan Maharaj Randhir Singh Bhindar after taking birth in the rajmahal (royal palace) of Bhindar has been performed as a very well leader and ruler of the pupils. Initially he started his public life as a social developer later on he joined political system for the social change in society and he succeed. He has gained a popular image as a political leader in Rajasthan, India.

Maharaj Randhir Singh Bhindar was born in Royal Palace (Rajmahal) of Bhindar in Udaipur district Mewar (Rajasthan) to Maharaj Saheb Bhairav Singh Ji and Ranisa Anand Kanwar. People are aware that Mewar was well known for the only independent state in the Mughal rule due to the bravery of the Great hero and patriot Maharan Pratap Singh. His ancestors played a very well role to follow the principles of Maharana Pratap to protect and develop the Mewar. Mewar was the estate where Rajput and Bhil warriors were fought against invaders. The Bhils and other (General people) were had equal status in Mewar since the age of Maharana Pratap.

In the initial stage as a social worker Maharaj Randhir Singh Bhindar played the same role like his ancestors. Randhir Singh has inherited the rich cultural and moral values of ‘Renunciation, Devotion and Sacrifice’ (‘Tyag, Tapasya and Balidan’) in his genes. He studied in St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School, Udaipur. He had graduated in Agriculture Science (B.Sc.) and a post graduated in Agriculture Extension (M.Sc.).

He joined Bhartiy Janata Party (BJP) during social work. After completed his education he joined Kishan Mahashabha (Farmer’s wing of BJP), and he worked for farmers he became a farmer leader and he is a well identified farmer leader today also. Along with the social changes in the society and the area he joined Kshatriya Mahasabha and he is still president of the organisation for social reforms and welfare. For making permanent changes and social development work for farmers and local people he joined Political sector along with his social work. He deeply supported farmers and political movement of BJP in Bhindar area. Due to his role and active participation he has become the mass leader and well identified leader of BJP.

While observing his achievement and active social role in social and political sector BJP selected him as a candidate and provided him tickets of MLA in 1993 and 1998. He again achieved the ticket in the next election and won the election of in year 2003 and selected as an BJP MLA of Bhindar. He fought this election against the former Home Minister. He achieved high votes and good experience in that elections.

As an MLA he gained too much achievements and he performed so many extra ordinary targets for the people and the area. He developed Bhindar area too much and achieved recordable targets, that cannot be archived by any other political leader.
He also fought the last election but due to some political reasons he didn’t achieved the require target but he again gained too much votes. He has continued to associate with the people and working for their social development. Due to his active role in social and political field he is known as a very good mass leader in Bhinder Area, Mewar, at State level and and at national level level. He is continuously fighting for the rights of people and development. He has been working as a good social, political and mass leader.
Presently he is dedicated to make change in the society and nation according to BJP and his aim of life is to change the society and the working area.